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The Cowboy’s Own Brand book

By Duncan Emrich
Published by Dover in 1954 44pgs for sale at for $4.00

This little book is a standard, a wonderful little book that takes a very practical and straight forward look at creating your own branding iron as well as brand book. Don’t let the original publishing date of 1954 make you think the information might just be outdated, it isn’t. With chapters like; how to read a complete brand, how to read a single letter brand, the numbers, the figures, picture brands, warning brands, how to design you own brand and how to keep a brand book, you are sure to find answers to all your questions. But what book would be complete without pictures not this one and it has lots! So if you’re looking for a quick concise book about brands you just found it! Cate will gladly help get it to you asap.

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